D E V E L O P M E N T   P R O C E S S
Questions to contemplate when considering a new web site

What is the goal or objective of your site?

What do you want it to do for your organization?

What specific things would you like visitors to be able to see or experience when they visit your site?

What is the identity and feel you want to convey through your site?

Do you prefer particular colors and or other elements that support your organization’s identity and its appeal?

Will you be able to supply effective text for your web site pages or will you need outside help?

Are you able to provide quality pictures for your  web site or will you need outside help in taking them for a fee?

How do you want to organize and navigate the content of your site?

Pretend your site is a library and you need to organize content by room, section, bookcase and shelf, how would you do it?

Do you want your site to stay pretty much the same, except for substantial rare changes, or content changing quickly?

Do you want your visitors to sign a guest book and leave their email address so you can retain information about them?

Do you need e-mail accounts with your web site?

Do you have a web address in mind?

When do you want your web site to be launched?

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